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Welcome to Vein Experts

Welcome to VeinExperts.org, where our goal is to promote vein health by connecting patients with vein professionals in the education and treatment of venous disease.

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Use the menu (above) to research veins, venous diseases and treatment options - and search our database of vein treatment centers (left) to find a doctor that specializes in veins near YOU!

Varicose Veins, Spider Veins & Venous Diseases

Vein Experts is Your Patient Guide to vein health, including detailed descriptions, symptoms and treatment options for varicose veins, spider veins, venous ulcers and other venous diseases.

If you have a question about veins and can't find the answer, ask Dr. Ronald Bush, one of the top rated venous professionals in the world.

Vein Experts for Physicians

In addition to a listing for their clinic in our popular vein directory, physicians seeking the latest methods of varicose vein and spider vein treatment, newest technologies and best educational tools will find our blogs, videos / educational content and equipment descriptions both informative and helpful.

If you are a Vein Professional, read more about our member benefits.

The Vein Experts Mission:

  • Building a vein physician network with world class educational resources
  • Providing patients with information about venous diseases
  • Linking patients & physicians for quality care

What Our Physician's Are Saying

  • "My Vein Experts membership is even better than my AMA membership, thanks to you!"
    Dr. Danelo Canete
  • "Training with Dr. Bush was a great opportunity to have access to a true expert in the field of venous disease."
    Heather Payne, PA
  • "I thank Ron, Peggy, and my blog colleagues for enriching my knowledge every day. I truly could never have been an effective vein specialist without your ongoing wisdom and generous time and help! "
    Richard Mueller, MD
  • "Appreciate the hard work that you and Ron are putting into this "forum"
    Dr. Rick Pittman
  • "If taking your venous practice to the next level is your goal, considering a training course with Dr. Bush would be the most worthwhile investment you could make. "
    Rob Coronado, MD
  • "VEIN911 vein treatment centers and our entire VEIN911 staff are thrilled to be Vein Experts members!"
  • "Being a member of this group has helped me immensely with keeping be up to date with care of my patients AND dealing with insurance carriers. "
    Michael Raborn, MD
  • "Ron and Peggy's devotion and contribution to Phlebology the science, to patient care, and to the education of countless practitioners, are legion and legendary. Ron is a founding father of the field and a living giant who continues to contribute with vivid research ideas and insights and whose educational activities are expanding literally every month"
    Rich Mueller, MD
  • "Veinexperts made a great impression on me. Very comprehensive and exceptionally designed and done and very easy to navigate. WOW!!! "
    Dr. Gabriel Goren/California
  • "The online CME chapter series is a wonderful, easily understood, concise source for information on venous disease."
    Jennifer McLane, ANP-BC
  • "I thank Ron and Peggy Bush for their mentorship - my phlebology knowledge has grown largely from them and from interaction with other colleagues via the VeinExperts blog"
    Richard L. Mueller, MD, FACC, FACP, FAHA
  • “Thank you and Dr. Bush – I visit your blog often and you have helped my practice immensely!”
    Mark Schwartz MD, FACS, RPVI
  • Being a member of Vein Experts provides me with real time access to a network of highly experienced Phlebologists, working together as a virtual community.
    Mark A. Schwartz MD, FACS, RPVI, ABPh
  • I am taking time to read and soak up all I can from your web site. Very instructive and great opportunity to have such a forum, place of exchange of ideas.
    Dr. Goren (California)
  • “Starting a vein only practice, this forum and group is invaluable! ”
    Michael Raborn, MD
  • “I had a great time with Dr Bush in my short but intensive 2 –day stay.”
    Rossella Di Stefano MD, Italy
  • “I had the opportunity to watch excellent surgery, to learn new techniques regarding the laser, see interesting cases such as aneurysms, and learn how to use the VeinGogh.”
    Rossella Di Stefano MD, Italy
  • “Great lecture! Information about application and technique with great demonstration.”
    Sotero Peralta, MD
  • "I want to thank you and Ron for the great work you are doing!"
    Dr. Imtiaz Ahmad
  • "It was a very enlightening and educational visit for me to watch Dr Bush in the 2 short days I spent in the clinic."
    Dr Lee Chee Wei, Singapore
  • "We give training with Dr. Bush and his staff our strongest recommendation."
    Dr. & Mrs. Milton H. Brinton
  • Whether its sharing a challenging case, obtaining CME through online lectures, or getting practice management tips - Vein Experts has it all.
    Mark A. Schwartz MD, FACS, RPVI, ABPh
  • "We really enjoy partnering with you!"
  • "The blog is a must-see for me on a daily basis, and I appreciate the fine postings by our other colleagues worldwide."
    Richard L. Mueller, MD, FACC, FACP, FAHA
  • "I have found your blogs tremendously useful"
    Jean-Claude Schwartz, MD
  • This powerful tool is constantly at my disposal, to seek opinions and treatment options, that allow me to best serve the needs of my patients.
    Mark A. Schwartz MD, FACS, RPVI, ABPh
  • "I believe the lectures and blog are a real service to Phlebologists and patients."
    George Lionel Zumbro Jr., MD
  • "Laura’s course was excellent! The production and quality was top notch. The content was very much to the point"
    John Koziarski, MD
  • "I’m pleased to be associated with your organization."
    Michael Long, MD

Vein Treatment Specialists

Deemy Rekkas, MD, FACS
Metro Chicago Cardiothoracic Surgery, LLC
Elk Grove village , IL
Douglas Taguchi, MD
Laser Sculpture - Tarzana
Tarzana, CA
Efren Buitrago, M.D.
South Florida Heart and Lung Institute
Doral, FL
John Mathai, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.A.C.C
Premier Vein Specialists, LLC
Camp Hill, PA


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