Vulvar Varicosities/Varices

We see many patients in our clinic who complain of dilated painful veins in the vulvar region. Vulvar veins are a common occurrence during pregnancy. These veins are related to increased pelvic pressure as the uterus enlarges during pregnancy.

Most of these veins decrease in size after delivery. However, some women will still have large vulvar veins that cause pain. This pain may increase with menses and intercourse.

In our clinic, our preferred method of treatment is foam sclerotherapy. This may require from one to three treatments. We use a very small needle and inject a sclerosing solution mixed with C02 into the vulvar vein. Most patients respond to this therapy alone. Some patients that have a condition called 'Pelvic Congestive Syndrome,' may require further therapy.

Vulvar varices are the endpoint of increased pressure in the pelvic and ovarian veins.

After each treatment, we have our patients wear a pad with pantyhose or bicycle shorts to provide compression to the treated area. This is safe and effective treatment that is associated with minimal complications.

The goal is to clot the vein with the sclerosing solution to cause gradual shrinkage and fibrosis of the vein.

Make sure your treating physician is familiar with this treatment.

Ron Bush, MD, FACS
Peggy Bush, APN, CNS, MSN