Hand Veins

Many patients seek consultation for unsightly bulging veins on the back of their hands. The reasons for bulging veins are many, but usually are related to a gradual increase in size of the veins over a period of years since the hands are below the heart level. Your doctor should make sure that there is no blockage in the veins in the shoulder area. This can be determined easily by raising your hand above the heart level and the bulging veins should empty quickly.



Hand veins can be treated by a phlebectomy (Removing the veins, sclerotherapy or using both modalities.) The choice of what type of procedure to use depends on your doctor’s preference since both are effective. A phlebectomy is the removal of hand veins through very small incisions and it is very safe to do since there are no major nerves or arteries in the back of the hand. Cosmetic results are excellent.


Some patients have decreased tissue between the bones on the back of the hand. This is a normal occurrence as we age and in some case fillers may be used to give a more cosmetically acceptable appearance to the hand. In some patients, fillers may be used alone if the veins are not dilated but, just visible. Your doctor will evaluate if fillers are needed at consultation. Most patients do not require fillers.

Most clinics prefer to treat one hand at a time so you can use your other hand for normal activities until the treated hand heals.

Common Questions

Will I need the veins for future IV’s?
No, the veins that are treated are around the wrist and below.
Will I have swelling??
You may have mild swelling but, this disappears rapidly.
Will I have bruising?
You may have bruising and your doctor may recommend a cream to minimize the bruising.
Post Hand Vein Treatment
  • Your doctor may use a post treatment cream to minimize redness and bruising.
  • Your doctor may want you to wear a compression dressing or glove for a few days.
  • Over the counter medications can be used for discomfort.
  • You can return to normal activities very quickly.