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The most successful treatment begins with a complete and comprehensive evaluation of your vein problems by a trained and qualified medical team. A good treatment plan is based on an ultrasound mapping of your vein system to find the root of each individual’s problem. Each case may have more than one option for treatment and may require a combination of treatments.

Kamran Goudarzi MD FACS

Kamran Goudarzi attended Boarding School in Shropshire, England at the age of fourteen. Within two years he was accepted at Alleyn’s School, an affiliate of Dulwich College, which is one of the most prestigious schools in England. While majoring in zoology, he was elected as the best anatomical dissector in his class. By the the age of eighteen, he had obtained “S” levels (honor level) in physics and chemistry and was accepted into the University of London School of Medicine.

By the age of twenty-four, Kamran had graduated with MB and BS degrees, with an MD degree from the University of London, as well as earning Licentiate of Royal College of Physicians (LCRP) and Member of the Royal  College of Surgeons (MRCS). After graduation from medical school, he began preparation for his boards in general surgery for the Royal College of Surgeons in England.

Two years prior to obtaining his boards in surgery, he moved to the United States, where he did an additional five years of surgical residency. He now has over 35 years of post-medical school experience in the art of general, thoracic, vascular, laparoscopic, and both upper and lower endoscopic surgeries. During his post-graduate training, the opportunity to work with some of the most well known physicians in the world presented itself.

He spent six months in internal medicine with Dame Professor Sheila Sherlock, who has been considered one of the most knowledgeable physicians regarding the diseases of the liver. He also worked with Professor Hobbs, one of the world’s leading liver surgeons, and Professor Copeland, one of the world’s leading surgeons for the treatment of breast cancer, at MD Anderson in Texas, one of the top three cancer centers in the United States.

He started his practice in NC in 1987.  He has been involved in the newest technologies as they have become available.  When laparoscopy became available to general surgeons, Dr Kamran was one of the leaders.  He performed the first laparoscopic repair of  a hiatal hernia in the early 90s in Wilmington NC.   He now has the longest and one of the largest series in our area.  He was one of the original designers of laparoscopic repair of ventral hernias.  His first paper was published in 1994, which eventually lead to the presentation of his paper at the SAGES meeting in Florida and later in China.

Dr. Kamran and his brother did the first laparoscopic colon resection in Wilmington. Together, they also performed the first laparoscopic liver resection in the eastern United States, which earned media attention.

Since the introduction of intravascular laser ablation, Dr. Kamran again is a leader in a new and exciting procedure. He was one of the first of four centers in the state of North Carolina to offer this technology to his patients. He has taken surgery from the operating room to the office setting with the establishment of the ScarlessVeinCare by Dr. Kamran with locations in Wilmington, Shallotte, and Wallace, North Carolina.


  • The American Board of Surgery – Diplomate
  • The American Board of Phlebology – Diplomate
  • The American College of Surgeons – Fellow
  • The International College of Surgeons – Fellow
  • American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery – Member
  • Southern Medical Association – Member
  • North Carolina Medical Society – Member


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