Vein Glossary

Below is a glossary of terms related to all aspects of venous disease

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Deep Venous Disease
Any abnormality that affects the deep venous system, such as reflux or clots.
  -- The hemodynamics and diagnosis of venous disease

Venous reflux occurs when the valves that usually keep blood flowing out of your legs become diseased and no longer function as one-way valves. The blood refluxes back into your legs and is basically going the wrong way. The blood is being pushed back into the leg, instead of moving towards the heart for proper oxygenation. -- Also called: venous reflux

Spider Vein
Small red and bluish veins located just beneath the skin surface. Spider veins are usually associated with higher venous pressure in the reticular venous system. They can be associated with hormonal changes, pregnancy, heredity, and reflux in the deeper venous system.
  -- Microshunt histology in telangiectasias.
  -- Telangiectases in Venous Insufficiency: Point of Reflux and Treatment Strategy
  -- Red and blue telangiectasias. Differences in oxygenation?

TIRS Technique (Terminal Interruption of Reflux Source)
Using an ultrasound a foamed sclerosant solution is injected into a vessel to clot off a venous ulcer bed

Vein of Giacommini
Connects the greater saphenous vein (GSV) with the small saphenous vein (SSV). If it refluxes it can cause varicose veins or spider veins in the posterior thigh.
  -- Treatment of Incompetent Vein of Giacomini (Thigh Extension Branch)