Vein Glossary

Below is a glossary of terms related to all aspects of venous disease

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Lateral Reticular Vein
Refers to the venous system on the lateral aspect of the leg that is the most common site for spider veins.

Micro-Surgical Techniques
A procedure where very small incisions are made in treating spider veins.

Ohmic Thermolysis - VeinGogh
A device using a small needle that transmits heat to cauterize small red spider veins.
  -- VeinGogh

Asclera (polidocanol injection) is a sclerosant used to treat spider veins.

Posterior Tibial Perforator (Cockett's)
Communication between the posterior tibial vein and the posterior saphenous. It may be related to venous ulcers or spider veins around the ankle.

Reticular Dermis
The area under the squamous layer of skin where most spider veins are located 0.3 mm to 0.8 mm below the skin level.

Reticular Vein
The bluish/greenish veins are close to the skin surface. They are usually visible and everyone has them. When there is increased transmitted venous pressure, reticular veins sometimes will dilate or be associated with spider veins.

A term used for the solution used to do sclerotherapy for spider veins. FDA approved solutions are Sotradecol & Polidocanol. Other solutions doctors might use are glycerin and solutions that contain dextrose. Saline is rarely used since the effectiveness is low and it causes pain.

Sotradecol (sodium tetradecyl sulfate) Injection is a sclerosing agent used by vein specialists to treat spider veins.

Spider Vein
Small red and bluish veins located just beneath the skin surface. Spider veins are usually associated with higher venous pressure in the reticular venous system. They can be associated with hormonal changes, pregnancy, heredity, and reflux in the deeper venous system.
  -- Microshunt histology in telangiectasias.
  -- Telangiectases in Venous Insufficiency: Point of Reflux and Treatment Strategy
  -- Red and blue telangiectasias. Differences in oxygenation?

Vein of Giacommini
Connects the greater saphenous vein (GSV) with the small saphenous vein (SSV). If it refluxes it can cause varicose veins or spider veins in the posterior thigh.
  -- Treatment of Incompetent Vein of Giacomini (Thigh Extension Branch)

VeinGogh (Ohmic Thermolysis)
A device using a small needle that transmits heat to cauterize small red spider veins.
  -- VeinGogh