Vein Glossary

Below is a glossary of terms related to all aspects of venous disease

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Percutaneous Foam Sclerotherapy
A technique where foam sclerotherapy is injected into a small vein on the skin surrounding a venous ulcer. Percutaneous foam sclerotherapy for venous leg ulcers.

Posterior Tibial Perforator (Cockett's)
Communication between the posterior tibial vein and the posterior saphenous. It may be related to venous ulcers or spider veins around the ankle.

TIRS Technique (Terminal Interruption of Reflux Source)
Using an ultrasound a foamed sclerosant solution is injected into a vessel to clot off a venous ulcer bed

Venous Ulcer
A venous leg ulcer is a chronic, non-healing wound and occurs in individuals who have problems with the veins in their legs. Pressure gets too high in the veins, and this causes a breakdown of tissues that usually occurs around the ankles.
  -- New Technique to Heal Venous Ulcers: Terminal Interruption of the Reflux Source (TIRS)
  -- Percutaneous foam sclerotherapy for venous leg ulcers.